Rockland “Legislative Update” Highlights Volume 2

Legislative Update is reporting that the Legislature has voted to hire a contractor to stabilize the banks of the Minisceongo Creek, where a washout threatens nearby homes. Overall cost of the project is approximately $1.3 million. The Rockland County Youth Employment Program will now be funded through 2016. More than 50 young people earn $9 an hour working at job sites around Rockland. The program ran out of funding. Resolution sponsor Legislator Jay Hood Jr. has recommended funding for the program should be increased so there are no shortfalls in 2017. And finally, the Legislature approved accepting $356,275 grant that will help address reducing sodium consumption at early childhood centers, and universities and colleges. According to the county Health Department, Rockland will be receiving a portion of the money that will modify menus to lower sodium, change products in vending machines and making sure lower sodium products are purchased at the get-go.  file:///Users/jordanbakerkilner/Downloads/LegUpdateVol1Issue2%20(3).pdf

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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