Warning for Placing Business and Political Signs

With just two weeks to go before Election Day, Rockland County officials are issuing a reminder that it is illegal to place campaign sings in a public right-of-way and signs that are found in public areas will be removed. Yesterday, a sign bearing a likeness to county Legislator Aron Wieder, who is running for state Assembly, with the words: “David Carlucci for Medicaid.” And in smaller lettering, “Working together, other people can carry us” were removed from public areas. There is no information as to who made or placed the signs in several intersections in Clarkstown and Ramapo on Sunday evening. Senator Carlucci told The Journal News he “can’t speak to the motives,” and he believes the person “is pushing hatred.” Carlucci added, “That’s the exact opposite of what my service to the community has been, which is trying to bridge the divide of the community.” Code-enforcement officers in Clarkstown have been removing signs business or political if they are in public right of ways.


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