Lead Poisoning Prevention Week in Rockland

In order to bring public awareness to lead, a major cause of poisoning among children, Rockland County Executive Ed Day, issued a countywide proclamation declaring this week Lead Poisoning Prevention Week in Rockland. Day said, “This proclamation reinforces our commitment to having every child in Rockland County grow up in a healthy, safe environment, free from the harmful effects of lead.” The Health Department is launching #RocklandLeadFreeKids and there will be posters in the community and a public information table located on the first floor of the Allison-Parris County Office Building. Most children get lead poisoning living in homes pre-1978 where lead paint has been used. When lead paint is sanded, scraped, brushed or burned it makes lead dust and can lead to poisoning. Lead is also leached into water through old pipes. Here are some of the actions you can take:

  • Get your child tested. Even if your young children seem healthy, ask your doctor to test them for lead at ages one and two. The most common test for lead is a simple blood test. In fact, New York State requires health care providers to test all children for lead with a blood lead test at age one year and again at age two years. At every well-child visit up to age six, health care providers must ask parents about any contact their child might have had with lead. If there’s been a chance of contact, providers are required to test for lead again.
  • Get your home tested. Before you buy an older home, ask for a lead inspection. To learn about your rights before you buy or lease visit the Environmental Protection Agency website. Remodeling your home? Contact your local town or village before renovating or remodeling to find out if a building permit is required. Renovate right with lead-safe work practices. For information about remodeling or renovating in a lead-safe way, or to find a contractor or inspector, visit the EPA website.
  • Learn about drinking water. Visit the EPAwebsite on drinking water.
  • Get the facts. The Health Department can provide you with helpful information about preventing childhood lead poisoning. Visit the website or call(845) 364-3786. (Source EPA.gov)



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