Report “A Crushing Burden: Why is Rockland So Heavily Taxed?” Released

The Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress compiled a 75-page report titled, “A Crushing Burden: Why is Rockland So Heavily Taxed?” that was released by the Rockland Business Association (RBA) yesterday. The report studied why Rockland has the second highest property taxes in the nation. Highlights of the report site several factors including: salaries rates for police and school employees relative to household income; high costs incurred by the tax reduction case won by the utility Mirant in 2007; the county budget deficit crisis that peaked in 2011-12; a “dramatic” rise in poverty rates and stagnating median household incomes; the percentage of residents enrolled in Medicaid has more than doubled from 9.5 to 24.5 percent; and finally the emergence of Ramapo that accounts for 58 percent of Rockland’s growth where tax exemptions for religious purposes, including religious schools have skyrocketed. President and CEO of RBA Al Samuels said, “The people of Rockland have a decision to make. We have the best services, education, law enforcement, but, …if you can’t afford what you’re being charged for it, then you have to take a hard look at what’s provided and whether it needs to be adjusted.” To read the whole report visit:

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