Sain Building ‘Nonresponsive Bid’

National Development of Newton, Mass bid on the Sain Building at 18 New Hempstead Road in New City six months ago for $4.51M — $510,000 above the appraised value. The Rockland County Legislature opened the bidding on the property with the intention of receiving a higher bid. Yesterday, National Development returned with the same bid, however, it did not meet the demands of the bidding process. They failed to include the required check for 10 percent of the purchase price offer, and they altered the conditions set forth in the Request for Bids. In a press release the legislature stated, “the submission appears to constitute a nonresponsive bid, meaning that no bid was actually submitted.” Rockland County Executive, Ed Day, said in a press release that Rockland County Attorney Thomas Humbach is reviewing the bid. Day stated, “It is very hard to understand what the Legislature achieved by playing this game except delay the sale, forcing the county into austerity and just about guaranteeing that Rockland will end the year with a budget deficit.”

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