RC Legislative Chair Wolfe May Appeal Lawsuit

The New City Patch is reporting that “a lawsuit brought by Rockland’s public employee unions against county officials over the sale of Summit Park hospital has been dismissed by a judge – and that decision may be appealed by Rockland County Legislature Chairman Alden Wolfe, one of the original defendants.” County Executive Ed Day, who is presently being sued by Wolfe for slander, expressed his astonishment in a memorandum to Rockland County Attorney Thomas Humbach that Wolfe would appeal the county’s victory. He wrote, “It is absolutely beyond my comprehension why Chairman Wolfe, acting in his capacity as an elected official of Rockland county would not only take an action that could, if followed through, reverse a victory for the taxpayers and the county. Even more astounding is the seeming expectation he has that taxpayers foot the bill for action that would be best described as a self-inflicted wound.” Wolfe is being represented by outside counsel Dennis Lynch.

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