Chief Sullivan Speaks Out at Rally

Last night at 6:30pm in front of the New City fire house over 500 people turned out in support of recently suspended Clarkstown Police Chief Michael Sullivan. Those who rallied were from numerous fire and police departments and civil service unions. The 33-year veteran of the force was suspended with pay last Wednesday and is awaiting disciplinary proceedings to be held. Until now, both the Town Board and Sullivan have remained tight-lipped about disclosing the details leading to the suspension. Last night, Sullivan told the crowd of supporters that Town Supervisor George Hoehmann, the Board and other officials had handed him two pieces of paper: The first was a list of charges with alleged misconduct; and the second was a lucrative buyout package. Sullivan stated, “They said they wanted to let me leave with my dignity intact,” he added, “And I agree with them. So I left the offer on the table and picked up the charges and I will leave with my dignity intact, and my honor.” Hoehmann stated, “This is a simple police disciplinary hearing matter, and the rules of the department apply to everybody – from the most recently hired to the chief of police” he added, “I was elected by a mandate of the people to bring reform to government and that’s what we’re doing here in the town.”

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