Sgt. Cole-Hatchard Files Suit Against Clarkstown Board

Just two days after Chief Sullivan’s suspension, Detective Sgt. Stephen Cole-Hatchard filed a civil rights lawsuit against Clarkstown officials for ordering him off an investigation unit that had been looking at $218,000 in political contributions by a dismissed officer, identified in the suit as “Officer T”. It is claimed the officer made contributions to several Republican campaigns, including Town Supervisor George Hoehmann and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s Reform Party. Sgt. Cole-Hatchard states in the suit that an off the record opinion he emailed to a Journal News reporter was used by town officials to remove him as director of the Rockland County Strategic Intelligence Unit and place him on headquarters duty. The suit also claims that Police Chief Michael Sullivan’s suspension is connected to his refusal to reinstate Officer T’s position. Hoehmann responded Friday, “It’s sad and desperate the lengths some will go to block change and protect the status quo that has picked the taxpayers pockets for years.” Hoehmann added this morning as a guest on WRCR “it is a frivolous lawsuit, without merit, that we will defend vigorously.”

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