Businesses to pay $4M in Back Wages to

Labor Day came early yesterday for some New York State workers. Governor Cuomo announced yesterday that the Task Force to Combat Worker Exploitation, an aggressive multi-agency effort to enforce labor laws, has directed 1,547 businesses to pay 7,500 employees nearly $4M in back wages and damages since July 2015. Nail salons, restaurants, dry cleaners, construction, landscaping and domestic worker industries are often subject to unsafe, unsanitary working conditions, with unstable or unscheduled hours and illegal deductions for supplies, training or uniforms. The task force is seeking improvement to worker health and safety, and launched an investigation into exploitation of dry cleaning workers with a focus on banning harmful chemicals commonly used in the industry. Cuomo said at an event in Manhattan yesterday that the Task Force has been able to enact “unprecedented protections for nail salon workers” and that they have “made great strides to root out injustices in industries where employees are routinely victimized.“

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