Yonkers $15M Redevelopment of Roads to the Waterfront

The traffic will soon be flowing smoothly from Yonkers waterfront developments to Ashburton Avenue. After ten years of negotiating and planning, the $15M, two-year project is underway to speed up access to the waterfront and 2,000 developing apartments. In a news conference on Wednesday, Mayor Mike Spano said Ashburton Avenue cannot handle the current heavy flow of traffic from thousands of new waterfront residents let alone what is coming in the future. Spano said, “As the Yonkers waterfront district continues to thrive, we now are turning our attention to how you get there.” The development plan is to increase left turn lanes, add bus turnouts where the bus can pull over without holding up through traffic and most importantly there will be a synchronization of lights at nine traffic intersections. Approximately $10M came from Federal and state sources with the rest borrowed by the city. It was this last portion of funding that held the project up for over ten years but now everything is in place to move forward. Ashburton will remain open during construction, however residents should prepare for delays. When questioned if any buildings would be demoed Spano explained that number one it would have been too costly to remove any buildings but most importantly he said, “We’re not interested in knocking down our history.”

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