County Executive Announces Emergency Financial Measures

The County Executive Ed Day stated in a press release yesterday that a series of emergency financial measures will be put in place to address a potential budget shortfall caused by the Legislature’s failure to move forward with the sale of the Sain Building. Day said, “We are facing a $4M hole in our budget, not because of poor planning or economic circumstances beyond our control” he said, “We are facing a $4M deficit because of senseless political posturing.” In a press release yesterday from Rockland County Legislature Chairman Alden H. Wolfe claims, a “fiscal emergency” has been manufactured by the County Executive to put political pressure on Legislators to approve the sale of the Sain building to a private developer. Wolfe said, “We have requested information from the County Executive that is germane to the proposed sale of the Sain building and those requests have been unanswered since February.” He added, “(The County Executive) agreed to give us information and then changed his mind when he decided he wanted to sell the Sain building to a private developer.” As the county’s chief budget officer Day says he must make sure finances are handled properly. He said, “We will make some very painful cuts in programs and services in an attempt to recoup as much of that $4M shortfall as possible.” Wolfe said that as of June 15th the county is ahead of budget revenues by $4.3M due to strong showings primarily through sales tax revenues, and that the county expects $1.4M in other sources of revenue through new state and federal reimbursements and salary savings from vacant government posts. Day says, “As of Friday, his office, was informed by the budget director that they are projecting a $8.5M shortfall for 2017 and that even if you are ahead in your numbers under no circumstances do you throw away $4.5M.” The Legislature will be asking the County Executive to personally appear to tell them about the plans, to answer questions and to work through the issues. In the meantime, Day “urges all county residents to contact their legislators with this simple message: Sell the Sain Building.”

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