Vireo Health Medical Marijuana Distributor Accused of Drug Smuggling

A Minnesota drug probe has found its way to a New York medical marijuana company with a location in White Plains. According to court records, Vireo Health, the parent company of the White Plains medical marijuana dispensary, has been accused of illegally smuggling $500,000 worth of marijuana-based drugs from Minnesota to New York. An investigation began in April and has been ongoing by Minnesota state officials after a former employee of Vireo Health blew the whistle on an alleged schemed where Vireo was using the company’s armored vehicle to drive cannabis-based oils from Minnesota to New York in order to meet a January 2016 New York State deadline for launching its medical marijuana program. Vireo Health claims the drugs were destroyed and that the former employee’s claims are untrue. On their website, Vireo Health defines the company as the “National Leader in Cannabis-derived medication development” to help a of variety of patients in need. The company is presently researching a protocol for replacing opioid medications, such as oxycodone, morphine, and heroin with medical cannabis.   Vireo Health are one of five companies growing and selling medical marijuana in New York since January. The investigation is ongoing.

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