SUEZ Quarterly Test In Full Compliance

SUEZ Water, formerly United Water, announced yesterday that the most recent quarterly test results received on May 24 indicate the company’s drinking water is in full compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standard for trihalomethanes or THMs. On March 31, the company notified customers by mail that it had slightly exceeded the standard. THMs are by-products that form when chlorine used to treat drinking water reacts with organic material that is naturally present in source water. Chlorine prevents water-borne illnesses such as typhoid and cholera. According to SUEZ, one of the measures taken to reduce concentrations of THMs was adding more groundwater to the affected area and targeted flushing programs. “ Chris Graziano, Vice President and General Manager of SUEZ New York stated, “We treat violations very seriously and our intensive efforts to address this exceedance were successful.” Customers who have questions can call SUEZ at 845-623-1500.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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