State Cracks Down on Deadbeat Toll Evaders

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the beginning of the suspension process for 575 New York-registered vehicles as part of this state’s crackdown on persistent toll violators. The recently adopted state regulations target individuals who fail to pay tolls, fees and other charges resulting from five toll violations on different days over an 18-month period. The regulation applies to all New York toll crossings and went into effect on January 20th. Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye said, “The goal of this new enforcement tool, spearheaded by Governor Cuomo, is not punishment but compliance. It is unfair to the majority of law-abiding drivers that some individuals persistently seek to flout the law. The potential suspension of registrations should make it clear to deadbeats that following the law and paying the tolls is much more affordable in the long run than refusing to pay.”  Prior to your registration being suspended the Department of Motor Vehicles will send violators two letters for each violation that their vehicle registrations will be suspended within 45 days unless they pay the specified charges, or contact the E-Z Pass New York Customer Service Center to resolve the charges, or contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to request a hearing. Letters have been sent to individuals with violations at New York State Thruway Authority, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and MTA Bridges and Tunnels facilities. In addition to possible registration suspension, failure in dealing with the charges may also result in referral to a collection agency, additional fees and charges, or legal action.

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