Two Unions Vote No on NJ Transit Agreement

In Newark, on Saturday 1,000 union members of the United Transportation Union Local 60, representing conductors and assistant conductors, voted not to ratify the NJ Transit tentative agreement that was reached by negotiators back in March. 400 Locomotive engineers also voted against the deal on Friday. Spokeswoman for NJ Transit, Nancy Snyder noted they are the only two unions to reject the deal. She stated, “NJ Transit has been advised that the membership has failed to ratify the recently negotiated agreements. Both ratifications failed by narrow margins, “ she added, “Although NJ Transit is disappointed in these two rejections, it is heartened that all 14 other unions ratified their contracts by significant majorities.” Under law, the two unions may not call a strike during the next 60-day and NJ Transit is prohibited from locking workers out during a “cooling off” period that will last until the end of June. Snyder stated, “The two unions representing the conductors and the engineers have the right, under Federal Railway Labor Act, to request the resumption of negotiations. In the event the two unions make that request, NJ Transit will meet with them.”

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