Today in HAVERSTRAW, at 1pm, at the Haverstraw Community Center at 50 West Broad Street, the Rockland County Task Force on Water Resources Management is hosting a program to teach students of the North Rockland School District about their water. Afterward, the students will head out to mark storm drains, urging the public to stop dumping trash, motor oil, gasoline, paint and other contaminants into the drains, all of which empty into our waterways. You know, many people mistake storm drains for sewer lines and believe that whatever is dumped into the pipes somehow gets treated and cleaned. In fact, the dumping contaminates our rivers, streams and oceans. Sometimes, the drains empty into fields where water can percolate underground to recharge aquifers. Chairwoman of the Task Force and Rockland county Legislator, Harriet Cornell, stated, “When I learned that the Haverstraw Community Center was looking for worthwhile things for children to do during spring vacation, I immediately thought that our Water Task Force could ‘dive in’ with a course that was both educational and fun”.

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