Day Examines THM in Suez Water

ROCKLAND – In coordination with Water Task Force Chairperson Legislator Harriet Cornell, Rockland County Executive, Ed Day, has directed the Task Force on Water Resources Management to discern not only why Rockland residents were recently told that water supplied by Suez, formerly United Water, failed to meet stringent federal standards, but also what we can do differently to ensure our drinking water is 100 percent safe. Higher than normal concentrations of THM (trihalomethane) were found in tap water in the Haverstraw area that came from Lake Deforest, Rockland’s primary reservoir. THM is a byproduct of disinfectants that must be used to make sure water is safe. While there is no immediate health risk Executive Day, would like to know more about why the levels exceeded the guidelines set by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Day is asking when Suez first learned about the elevated levels, how and why did it happen, and why did it take one month to inform customers? He would like to make sure it doesn’t happen again. This most recent incident at Suez is part of the reason for the creation of the Task Force on Water Resources Management. The Rockland County Department of Health will continue to watch the situation and ensure that Suez takes action to bring the average levels back into compliance with federal standards. The Water Task Force has been directed to hear your concerns, partner with professionals in our health department and answer the questions surrounding the elevated THM levels.

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