New Yorkers for Ridesharing

ALBANY – Now that the State Budget has passed, New Yorkers for Ridesharing, a coalition of community and civic organizations, is stepping up efforts in Albany to pass legislation that would offer more affordable, reliable and safe transportation alternatives for Central, Upstate, and Western New York. According to NYR, tech-based ridesharing platforms can fill important gaps for residents where public transportation is limited or unreliable and serve as a flexible source of income for cash-strapped New Yorkers. The organization is calling on state legislators to allow providers like Uber and Lyft to operate in New York State as they already do in hundreds of cities and towns across the country. Once legislation is passed transportation network companies would be able to insure participating drivers in accordance with New York State Insurance Law. If you would like to know more about New Yorkers for Ridesharing and their efforts or to participate in their movement go to

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