Apology in Spring Valley for Offensive Doll Hanging

MONSEY – Two weeks ago, In Spring Valley, the children of a local Jewish family celebrating the festival of Purim, hung a Haman doll with a black face and dreadlocks outside their window. Purim is held in the spring to commemorate the defeat of Haman’s plot to massacre the Jews as recorded in the book of Esther. The family, who has hung the doll for years, did not make the connection between their holiday effigy and the history of lynching African Americans in the south. The community was outraged by the image and the family was shocked to find that they had upset so many people. They immediately took the doll down. Recently, callers to The Morning Show on WRCR expressed their anger over a photograph they had seen of the image. In an interview with Vin News, the family had expressed their remorse saying, “We never meant to offend anyone.” They said, “The children didn’t realize that they were hurting somebody in the process because they didn’t realize what it represented.” As soon as the family heard about the community uproar they said they had stopped celebrating and removed the doll. Rabbi Yakov Horowitz of Monsey offered in a statement a “sincere apology to my African-American neighbors who were understandably hurt and offended by it.” Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder said, “In the true spirit of our great nation I call for more education and sensitivity of coexisting between neighbors and fellow human beings. Let us use this unfortunate incident as an opportunity to learn about each others’ heritage and to build dialogue and trust, here in Rockland County.” Rabbi Horowitz stated, “We ask our neighbors to be sensitive to our culture and our religious needs but we have to respect theirs as well.” He said, “If you don’t teach our children what is important to our neighbors, how are they supposed to know?”

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