Four Challengers for East Ramapo School Board

SPRING VALLEY — May 17th, four seats are open for reelection on the East Ramapo Board of Education. Board President Yehuda Weissmandel and board members, Pierre C. Germain, and Bernard L. Charles, Jr. are coming to the end of their three-year terms. At a news conference, four challengers have stepped into the field. 28 year-old, public school mother, Sabrina Charles-Pierre, who was appointed to the board after Juan Pablo Ramirez stepped down, just a month after being elected to the board, will now be required to run for election to hold her seat; the other three petitioners are retired high school principal, Jean Fields, Kim Foskew, a mother of two East Ramapo graduates, and Natashia Morales, a 2003 graduate of the school. Each candidate is required to have 234 signatures to make the April 18th deadline for getting on the ballot. Due to a long and controversial history in the East Ramapo school system Foskew said, “I see the discrepancy between the education (my children) received and the education the children of East Ramapo are currently receiving.” She continued, “And I, as well as my running mates, would like to ensure that all children receive the education they deserve and are entitled to.” Most recently, Legislators in Rockland, who had been pushing in Albany for legislation that would garner revenue and oversight in the troubled school district, failed to make the budget. Assemblyman, Ken Zebrowski said there is still the opportunity to get a standalone measure that would bring the revenue and oversight they believe the school district needs.

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