Ex-Nyack College Softball Coach Receives Probation

45 Year-old Kurt Ludwigsen was seen in court Thursday before Supreme Court Justice William Kelly who sentenced him to 6 years of supervised probation for assaulting girls on the Nyack College softball team while he served as coach. In January, Ludwigsen plead guilty to seven counts of forcible touching after originally facing over 200 sex-related charges including felony counts of first-degree coercion and 94 misdemeanor counts of forcible touching and third-degree sexual abuse. Ludwigsen now lives in California and according to the plea deal, will not be placed on the sex offender registry. He was arrested last April after reports of inappropriate behavior surfaced since hired as the softball coach in October of 2014. Later, details emerged of similar allegations against the him while he served as athletic coach in California. Todd Krouner, lawyer for 6 plaintiffs suing both Ludwigsen and the college said of the decision, “It’s a sad day where someone gets to plead guilty to serial counts of sexual assault and get a slap on the wrist and a mere probationary sentence where he has caused irreparable damage and searing psychological damage to his victim.”

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