NYS Electronic Prescribing Begins

Yesterday, the requirement for electronic prescribing of both controlled and non-controlled substances went into effect. The mandate does not apply to veterinarians. The new requirement for physicians adds additional security features and registration of certified software with the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. These new regulations have the potential to minimize medication errors for patients in New York State. Electronic prescribing allows for integration of prescription records directly into the patient’s electronic medical record. Electronic prescribing also has the potential to reduce prescription theft and forgery. Practitioners who practice on federal property, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, do not fall under the jurisdiction of New York State, and are not required to comply with the new requirement. In cases where the practitioner is not technically capable of electronic submission or in cases of power outages a waiver has been designed to expedite the process. Governor Cuomo stated, “This reform will improve patient safety, reduce the number of fraudulent or stolen prescriptions and help combat prescription drug abuse across New York.”

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