Judge Decision Expected In Motions Filed By Defense Attorney In Murder Case

Superior Court Judge Margaret Foti is expected to issue decisions on Tuesday on motions filed by Defense attorney Miles Feinstein representing Michael A. Sampson, asking the court to separate charges in a 2012 fatal shooting in Cliffside Park. Prosecutors have charged Sampson with murder, illegally owning a firearm, drug possession, and child endangerment with a combined minimum penalty of 30 years in prison. Sampson was charged with murder in the death of Hector Zabala during an altercation which took place outside of Boom Bar. He was arrested in an apartment in Lodi where large quantities of marijuana were found, also discovered in his home in Garfield. Sampson’s 4 month old daughter was in the vicinity of the weapon and drug paraphernalia at the time of discovery. Feinstein seeks to separate the charges to prevent a jury from swaying toward a guilty verdict. Acting Senior Assistant Prosecutor Danielle Grootenboer claims precedence for trying defendants on separate crimes.

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