Day, New Policy on Non-Residential Foreclosures

NEW CITY – Rockland County Executive, Ed Day, announced yesterday that he is leading efforts to expedite the foreclosure process for non-residential tax delinquent properties that are confirmed vacant. Day stated, “This new policy will help to alleviate the financial burden that these properties impose on our taxpayers.” He continued, “Starting this week we will move aggressively on foreclosures when they become ripe, and not delay unnecessarily.” The new policy would allow the County to collect on non-residential foreclosures in two years rather than the standard three years. Day made the announcement while standing in front of the 208-acre Patrick Farm property in Ramapo. Patrick Farm is the largest non-residential tax delinquent property in Rockland. Scenic Development, LLC, owns over 150 acres and is holding a tax debt of $350,000. Day has been working with Rockland’s Department of Finance. From Stony Point to Sparkill there are over 125 non-residential tax delinquent properties, totaling over $3.3M due to Rockland County.   For those with property tax delinquencies, Rockland County does offer payment options through the Finance Department. County Executive Day encourages property owners to make arrangements with the county and avoid foreclosure.

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