New Chancellor of NY Board of Regents Announced

Former Bronx schools superintendent Betty Rosa was elected new chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents today by a vote of 15 yays and 2 abstentions, succeeding long time member and common core introducer, Merryl Tisch. Tisch came under scrutiny after New York became one of the first states to adopt Common core education standards with subsequent standardized tests score plummeting. 2015 saw the height of parent and educator frustration with over 20% of third through eighth grade students opting out of taking examinations. According to reports, Rosa was the only nominee with state teacher unions cheering the decision and pro-common core groups seeing the board’s decision as, “…Taking New York State back to a failed system where millions of children fell through the cracks.” The Board also approved Regent Andrew Brown, an attorney from Rochester, to serve as vice chancellor.

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