TZ Bridge Shared-Use Path Options

ORANGETOWN – Last night, approximately 150 people arrived at the Nyack Middle School for a public hearing to voice their opinion on the two options being offered for the Tappan Zee Bridge shared-use path.   The first choice known as Alternative E includes a parking option and a reconfigured South Franklin Street Extension. Alternative E would be designed so that the shared use path and the existing Esposito Trail, which starts at the Franklin Street Park and runs south along Route 9W, would be coming together near Exit 10. The second choice known as Alternative F, includes closing the South Broadway access to eastbound/southbound Thruway entrance. This option would be structured so that the shared-use path and the Esposito Trail would join together and drivers would enter the Thruway from Route 9W. This would also require a reconfiguration of traffic signals, and while this plan would also include parking, it would need to be within the Exit 10 interchange and creates a spur of the patch to connect with it. The estimated cost of Alternative E is 10.8M and Alternative F is 14.5 million. The majority of the attendees voiced their strong desire for Alternative F. Residents claim their village roads would be free of traffic and would do less harm to the heart of the village. Hearings on this issue will remain open for comments until April 1. You may email your opinions to

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