Rockland Indictments False

Pomona – Last week multiple news sources informed the public of impending indictments on 50 people in Rockland County. Yesterday on the Morning Show Rockland District Attorney, Thomas P. Zugibe was asked by host Steve Possell to give his perspective on the recent “flurry of rumors” being reported in the press about 50 indictments coming down and the linking of Rockland Transportation Commissioner, Tom Vanderbeek’s suicide to the corruption scandal. DA Zugibe without pause stated, “The story is false.” He said he had let the news outlet know it was false before they ran it. “I told them that if it were happening I would know about it.” Zugibe explained that three years ago the US Attorney’s office made a formal agreement with the FBI establishing the Public Corruption Task Force and he is very aware of all the investigations going on because, as he stated, “we are an essential part of it.” Zugibe could not believe the journalist had printed the story and he told them so. Formally, he went on News12 to standup for the allegations against Vanderbeek. He said, “I told them he was never the target of any Federal or State investigation. He never came up on radar as being anybody. He was a good guy who did nothing wrong and his family didn’t deserve that. It was flat out irresponsible on their part to have played that story”. Zugibe said that even after he had told them there was no investigation their response was “Well, we’ll see.”  According to Zugibe, the news agency felt they had good informants. He questioned what they would do when week after week went by with no indictment. According to Zugibe, they had no response. Finally, he said, ”It’s unfortunate the damage is done. There’s no merit to the story.”

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