Passaic Testing Lead in Water

PASSAIC – Plans to increase water testing for lead, was reported yesterday by the Passaic Valley Water Commission. The commission says it is mailing 135,000 letters this month informing consumers that they can participate in sampling their water for free. A more in depth program going neighborhood to neighborhood is planned later this year for communities that are thought to have elevated levels of lead. According to the CDC, lead found in tap water usually comes from the corrosive elements in the water interacting with older fixtures or from the solder that connects the pipes. When water sits in leaded pipes for several hours, lead can leach into the water supply. It is recommended that when drinking water you allow several seconds for the tap to run. Federal Guidelines require water companies to test their water source twice a year. The Passaic Valley Commission, while in compliance with Federal guidelines, is looking for a larger sampling. When consumers agree to participate in their program they can better target neighborhoods with elevated levels.

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