Hearing Granted To Review Graswald Interrogation Video

Poughkeepsie accused killer, Angelika Graswald was seen in Orange County Court yesterday before Judge Robert Freehill where the judge granted the defense’s request for a Huntley Hearing scheduled for May 2. The Huntley Hearing requested by attorney Richard Portale, is a pretrial hearing which serves to review the manner in which the police obtained statements from the defendant, in this case, the well-publicized 11-hour interrogation video which shows Graswald admitting statements that implicate herself in killing her fiancé Vincent Viafore while on a kayaking trip. The video is said to show Graswald describing problems in her relationship and saying she wanted Viafore “gone” and that she felt “euphoric” that he was dead. In addition, Portale also requested a dismissal or reduction on the indictment charges however, was denied by Judge Freehill. Thursday’s court hearing had been postponed three times by the defense’s request. Graswald was last seen in court in December of last year, pleading not guilty to charges of second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of Viafore from last May.

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