New York state Unanimously Voted To Approve Legislation That Changes The Process For Becoming An Organ Donor

The state unanimously voted this week to approve legislation that changed the process for becoming an organ donor in New York, which remains one of the lowest ranked states in donor registration numbers. Lauren’s law, named after a Stony Point 12-year old, Lauren shields who was the recipient of a donated heart in 2009, has been approved for a four-year extension by the senate. The assembly will now need to approve the legislation, As well as governor Andrew Cuomo. Residents were previously given the option of passing over the organ donor section while applying for a New York license, now with Lauren’s law, the application requires you to select yes or to skip this question, forcing you to read the area and reconsider selecting yes or no. Officials stated that over the lat few months the number of organ donors have increased from 11 to 17 percent, in large part due to the legislation

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