Governor Andre Cuomo Addresses Issues Regarding Work Interfering With Family Obligations

Governor Andrew Cuomo visited Rockland County on Monday, speaking to residents and officials about the need for paid leave for family obligations. At a conference held at the West Haverstraw community center Cuomo stood with representative Nita Lowey and addressed a proposal in his budget that would give new parents and family caregivers 12 weeks paid leave when needed. In the plan private-sector workers would pay 60 cents a week to go towards a fund that would then benefit employees who need time off. Cuomo stated to the crowd about worker’s without the chance to take time from work to care for their families, Quote, “This lack of mobility, lack of opportunity, breach of the American promise, That’s what’s causing the anger.” End quote. The legislature has until June to pass the proposal, though Cuomo’s intention is to have it available to employees for the beginning of the new fiscal year in April. With the 60 cents a week charged to employees, they and their coworkers would be able to receive 35 precent of the weekly salary starting in April 2018 and then 50 percent of their salary in 2021.Public employees would be eligible for family leave through government and union contracts.


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