Cuomo Announces Wage Increase Plan For University Workers

At a rally held at Columbia University today, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to increase all state university employees’ pay to$15 dollars an hour which could take up to 6 years to enact throughout the state. The announcement comes after a nationwide call to reform minimum wage rates with New York’s minimum wage increasing from $8.75 to $9.00, last week. If fully enacted, Cuomo’s plan could cost the state an estimated $28 million for the 28,000 workers affected, starting with New York city based schools seeing wage increases by 2018 and upstate workers seeing changes by 2021. Cuomo explained the push for wage reform saying, “The truth is that today’s minimum wage still leaves far too many people behind, unacceptably condemning them to a life of poverty even while they work full-time. This year, we are going to change that.”

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