Clarkstown Town Board Approves Increases for CSEA Union Members

Clarkstown Board members earlier this month approved a salary increase for town workers represented by the Civil Service Employees Association. On December 17 the outgoing Democrats of the board including Supervisor Alex Gromack, who will finish his term after losing the election to Republican George Hoehamann approved the raises. Councilwoman Stephanie Hausner, who will soon be the only remaining Democrat and woman on the board stated to the Journal News that negotiations with the union began in June and the current contract was set to expire on Thursday, also saying that Hoehmann had requested pushing the vote until January, though the board wanted to agree on a new contract, with the other ending. The raise will be 9% for nearly 300 employees over 4 years, with salaries going up to 2- 2.5% each year until 2019. Councilman Frank Borelli stated to the newspaper that he and other members who opposed of the increases would be looking into other options.

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