Legislature Overrides Rockland County Executive’s Vetoes

The Rockland County Legislature met on Tuesday evening where they voted whether or not to approve County Executive Ed Day’s vetoes on the 2016 amended budget. Last week Day vetoed 22 of the 37 amendments made by members of the Legislature, the biggest ones being replacing unarmed security guards at county buildings with officers from the Sheriff’s Department and restoring six finance positions with the Summit Park Hospital. On Tuesday the Legislature voted to override all 22 of the County Executive’s vetoes, 13-3 to override the move to consolidate security positions with the Sheriff’s office, and 12-4 to secure the finance positions. Day stated about the Legislature’s vote, “The vetoes I submitted protected out taxpayers and enhanced safety and security at all county facilities. The Legislature’s decision to override all of them demonstrates irrationality, blatant political chicanery and a complete waste of county resources.” Taxes will go up $8 a month for residents and amended budget will take affect on January 1.

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