Rockland County Executive Vetoes Legislature Amendments to the Budget

Rockland County Executive Ed Day vetoed 22 of the 37 amendments made by the Legislature to his proposed budget for 2016. Day’s originally proposed $723 million plan called for a $4 a month increase in taxes for residents. Members of the Legislature later made amendments restoring jobs and services, as well as $1 million set aside for the deficit, raising taxes by 10%. On Friday the County Executive released a statement saying that he vetoed the move to restore six finance positions in the Summit Park Hospital, which is closing at the end of 2015. Day stated that keeping those positions would be illogical since there will be no work for the employees to do once the nursing home and hospital are closed. Day also vetoed the amendment to pay thirteen security guards to protect county owned buildings. In his proposal the County Executive gave responsibility for the security of those to the Sheriff’s Department, and in his press release on Friday he stated, “While our existing security personnel provide information and directions, they are ill-equipped to handle today’s violent threats. Now more than ever we must harden security at all county facilities.” The Legislature now has ability to override the veto, with a required two-thirds vote.

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