Parents Suing Private Yeshivas for Not Providing Quality Education

According to records a group of parents in East Ramapo have filed a lawsuit against several yeshivas in the school district, claiming their children were not provided with the proper education while at school there. The students are all over 18 now, and attended four boys’ schools in Monsey, New Square, and Spring Valley where the lawsuit claims they received a religious education but not secular studies such as English and Math. The complaints also state that the yeshivas failed to hire competent teachers, use tax dollars in the creation of secular studies, and provide boys with an equal quality of secular education as girls. The lawsuit is blaming the yeshivas, the East Ramapo District and the state, and is calling for changes to private religious education to be implemented by September 2016, such as requiring one-third of the school day be used for secure classes that will prepare students for employment and a monitoring system for courses and finances.

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