Electronic Tolls Being Constructed for Tappan Zee Bridge

Construction has begun on the new cashless toll system for the Tappan Zee Bridge. On the Rockland side in South Nyack, drivers heading south to the bridge will drive under the steel bars with cameras mounted that will register the EasyPass in each car, instead of having people stop at cash booths, which can lead to serious traffic problems on the Thruway. Those who do not have an EasyPass in their car will have an image taken of their license plate and will receive a bill in the mail for the cost of the toll, which Thruway Authority officials recently stated will remain the same for 2016. The all-electronic toll collection system is expected to be up and running by April of next year, and members of the newly formed Tappan Zee toll task force will continue to study traffic patterns and costs to determine a price for the tolls on the new bridge, while state officials work to determine better ways to prevent or punish toll evaders.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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