State Police Searching for Westchester Woman’s Killer

According to State Police, they are investigating the death of a woman in Westchester, whose body was discovered on Monday evening. Around 5:30 PM police arrived at the North Salem home of 83-year old Lois Colley, the wife of Eugene Colley, a millionaire owner of multiple McDonald’s franchises. Officials stated that a caretaker at the couple’s estate found the woman dead, having suffered blunt force trauma. There appeared to be no signs of forced entry and the caretaker was ruled out as a suspect. Colley was last known to have spoken to someone around 3:00 PM, two hours before she is believed to have died at 5:00 that day. Police are searching for clues regarding the socialite’s murder, including looking for a fire extinguisher that was missing from the home, which may have been discarded near the property on Titicus Road.

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