Report Says $15 Minimum Wage Would be Bad for New Yorkers

According to a report released by Albany think-tank The Empire Center, if the proposed minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour is approved it could result in the loss of nearly 200,000 jobs in New York State. By the end of the year the minimum wage for New York is set to increase to $9 an hour and Governor Andrew Cuomo recently approved a $15 wage for fast food workers which will take effect statewide by 2021. Cuomo’s administration is working to get minimum wage for all workers to be approved by 2021 as well, and according to the report released on Thursday the increase would negatively affect residents by forcing businesses to cut jobs. On Wednesday a “Minimum Wage Reality Check” campaign was started by business groups throughout the state to prevent the increase. Supporters of the raise believe that it will create an equal living wage for every worker in New York.

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