Summit Park Hospital Will Be Closed By the End of the Year

Rockland County Executive Ed Day spoke on Thursday on the finality of the Summit Park Nursing Home, and the decision to close the facilities by the end of the year. According to Day, the deadline of December 31, was set because each day the hospital remains open in 2016 would cost the county $1 million and the process takes ninety days, so they cannot afford to risk not closing before the chosen date. The termination of the sale by Sympaticare LLC, has set off controversy between the Executive and the Legislature, who have filed a resolution asking Day to speak with the buyer and the LDC to attempt to save negotiations. Shalom Braunstein, the owner of Sympaticare stated that he is still willing to go through with the $32 million sale and reached out to the LDC and county officials, but has not heard back. On Thursday Day stated that there is no chance of renegotiating at this point. Meanwhile, the county has filed papers with the state to begin closing the nursing care facilities, with about 140 patients waiting to be moved and employees waiting to be laid off.

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