Rockland County Executive and District Attorney Announce Success of Domestic Violence Program

DV-HaverstrawRockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe and County Executive Ed Day met on Monday to release an update on a domestic violence program started in 2014 and funded by a grant obtained by Senator Bill Larkin. Speaking together the officials announced that the program has been a success in the past year and a half, the $75,000 grant allowed the county to hire a detective to assist victims of domestic assault following the incidents. Zugibe stated at the meeting, “In the months that follow there are physical, mental, financial and legal concerns that must be addressed. Thanks to Senator Larkin our domestic violence assistance program in North Rockland plays a critical role in providing support that allows a victim to face these issues and rebuild his or her life.” Zugibe and Day were also joined by Larkin and Haverstraw Supervisor Howard Phillips and they thanked Larkin for his position in the program, which has allowed for 221 cases to be investigated including 104 home visits and 19 training classes which began in 2015. Senator Larkin stated that he hopes the program will continue to grow and allow victims to receive the help they can’t always get directly from law enforcement.

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