Murder Trial For Haverstraw Resident Begins In Rockland Courthouse

The trial of Haverstraw resident Nixon Bourguignon, 38, began today at the Rockland Courthouse in New City for the death of his girlfriend, Shannon Coleman from last May. Bourguignon faces a charge of second-degree murder for strangling Coleman in their apartment after arguing. Witness testimony of hearing fighting were heard today by downstairs neighbor, Yolanda Rios who calling 911 leading to the discovery of the crime scene. Prosecutor Dominic Crispino explained that Bourguignon committed the murder close to where their two children were sleeping and was later found hiding inside a closet with self-inflicted wounds to his hands and neck. It is alleged that Coleman was attempting to end their relationship which angered Bourguignon though the defense will argue that the prescription sleep aid, Ambien is to blame for his behavior. Expert witnesses will be called to explain the effects of Ambien with lawyer David Goldstein saying its like, “novacain to the brain.” The defendant faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted of the murder charge.

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