Zadroga Act Expires in Congress

The United States Congress announced on Thursday that the Zadroga Act expired overnight. Nearly 33,000 people are still effected by 9/11 related issues health issues, and the act ensured medical care to those first responders. NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has been working some time to get Congress to make the program permanent, and stated that the decision not to extend the law, which was enacted in 2010, will create “enormous anxieties and fears in the minds of very sick people.” Many of the health issues caused by being not he scene of the September Eleventh attacks on the World Trade Center can arise years after, and proponents of the act stated it is needed to ensure treatment to those who’s insurance or worker’s compensation has run out or past it’s statute of limitations. Patients can still receive treatment, but officials with the program stated they will most likely be forced to begin shutting down next summer, and will face problems as early as February.

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