Orange County Budget Proposal Released

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus held a conference on Wednesday where he presented his proposal for the 2016 budget. Neuhaus stated that the budget will focus on cutting taxes and would use the county’s $15 million surplus, which could become a deficit. The proposal remains within the mandatory state tax cap and, according to Neuhaus, will not require cuts in services or layoffs and the county will bring in $3.1 million on the sale of property in Wallkill, Goshen, Hamptonbourgh, and the city of Newburgh. The biggest announcement of the evening was that the attempt to sell the Valley View Center for Nursing Care that has been ongoing for four-years has ended, and the facility will remain county-owned. Neuhaus stated that while the county will not be selling the nursing home, there is the possibility of selling or leasing 62-acres of land surrounding it. In the $725.3 million plan the property tax levy will increase by 2% and the county would increase spending on tourism to $1 million and on a rape-crisis program by $85,000 though overall spending will go down by 1%.

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