Spring Valley Building Inspector Claims He Was Ordered to Ignore Problems

According to a report in the Journal News, based on an office memo released by a Spring Valley Building Inspector, the mayor of the Rockland County village ordered that a yeshiva be approved for a permit, despite the lack of inspections. According to the memo released last month by Assistant Building Inspector Jackenton Lavalasse, Mayor Demeza Delhomme met with the Vice President of Monsey Lumber, prior to a cancelled walkthrough of the former office building being converted into a school, and ordered that the village employee issue a Certificate of Occupancy regardless of the unfinished inspections. Lavalasse stated to the newspaper that he voided the permit for the yeshiva, located at 50 Commerce Street, and ticketed the realty company that owns the property for building violations involving the plumbing, insulation, and framing of the building, which was allegedly functioning as a school. Delhomme’s response to the memo states, “My main and only concern is that our village residents get service. Your accusation that I directed Jack to approve a C of O is not factual.” The Mayor has made no comment on the situation as of yet.

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