Rockland County Man Charged with Felony for Drunk Driving Accident

According to the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office, a grand jury has increased the charges against a Pearl River man who was originally arrested for misdemeanor driving while intoxicated in June. Clarkstown Police arrived at the scene and found that 50-year old Matthew Beckerle had driven his Beckerle Lumber truck while drunk and above the speed limit, colliding with a vehicle carrying three young women. The family of the 23-year old driver fought for months to see justice in higher charges against the man, stating that the girls were left dealing with emotional stress from the incident, as well as injuries that required surgery for one of them. On Monday the grand jury added the charge of felony assault to Beckerle’s case to which the families of the young women, and prosecutors stated they are pleased with the justice system’s decision.

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