Spring Valley Officials Seen in Court

Spring Valley officials are continuing their feud, a few months into Building Inspector Walter Booker’s return to his position. Booker was suspended by Mayor Demeza Delhomme in December for a disagreement no the mailing process in the building department. On Wednesday Booker and Delhomme met again, when the building inspector asked a state Supreme Court Judge that the mayor be held in contempt of court for not allowing him to do his job. Booker stated to the judge that the mayor is breaking a court order ending the inspector’s suspension and would not allow him into the building when he first returned to his position in August. Booker also stated that since then Delhomme has made it increasingly difficult to work and he often does not having an available work phone or computer. Delhomme denied the accusations that he was hampering work and stated that Booker often creates problems in the department. The two men will return to court on October 6.

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