Judge Rules Spring Valley Mayor Was Incorrect in SUV Purchase

In a decision made last week a State Supreme Court Judge ruled that the mayor of a Rockland County village illegally purchased an SUV for use while in office. According to the court papers submitted by Justice Gerald Loehr following the law suit filed by Justice Gerald Loehr following the law suit filed by village board members, Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme acted improperly when he purchased without taking competitive bids. Delhomme claimed that the bids required on spending higher than $20,000, was not necessary in this case because the former Mayor’s SUV was traded in for $27,000, making the official price of the new car just under $20,000, at $19,787. Loehr did not order that the mayor return the purchase and he was not penalized for the breach in law, simply that the officials must work together to find a solution. The judge also ruled that the village must pay for legal fees billed by Delhomme’s lawyer David Fried, coming to $15,000 and the board’s attorney Dennis Lynch stated that the two parties will be working together amicably to have a decision on payment ready by the September 14 hearing when they return to court.

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