A&P Stores Facing Layoffs

On Tuesday a judge ruled that workers with A&P grocery stores will be laid off when the company officially closes. The food chain recently declared bankruptcy and is setting up the sale of 118 stores, 20 of which are located in the Lower Hudson Valley. The company was involved in a lawsuit filed by employees who were concerned about the layoffs and severance pay, and bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain ruled that only employees covered by a certain Pennsylvania union will be protected under agreements. According to the court documents those employees laid off may receive 52% of their severance immediately upon losing their position though the company originally proposed 25% and later in negotiations proposed 50%. In a final ruling on the issue of bumping rights, Drain ruled that stores can follow the Pennsylvania Union’s action that the employee who takes a more senior position must pay benefits for the person they bumped, and if the store chooses to follow these guidelines they must have plans submitted by Thursday.

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