Spring Valley Mayor Calls Out Building Inspector

Officials in a Rockland County village are disagreeing again, over the reinstatement of one of the building inspectors. Walter Booker, a chief Building Inspector in Spring Valley returned to work after a court order was issued that ended a suspension placed by Mayor Demeza Delhomme on December 29. On Wednesday Delhomme on held a press conference in the village, where he discussed the inspector’s recent interview with local newspaper the Journal News, in which Booker mentioned that the village had fallen behind on inspections. At the conference Delhomme stated that the backlog was caused by Booker himself and the District Attorney’s office had seized the man’s work computer from his offices at Village Hall during a raid at an undetermined date. Both officials told the paper that they have no idea why the raid was completed, but the two have been at odds since the mayor attempted to demote the inspector February of last year and eventually suspended him in December.

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